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Since 1994, Sports Monster has been leading the country by organizing well run sports leagues, events and clinics. We are focused on YOU having a good time, which includes enforcing rules, starting/ending on time and providing prompt customer service. Just choose from any of the sports offered in your area and we will get you playing. Yes, even if you are signing up by yourself, we can get you playing. Full teams and groups are always welcome too. Select your city to start seeing what is available.



Want to Save Money?

Want to Save Money?

Register Early for Priority Pricing


Everyone likes to save money and be rewarded for loyalty and Sports Monster provides you with both!


Reserve your spot early and take advantage of Priority Registration DiscountsDiscount values vary by program. Priority Discounts are available for both team and individual registrations. 


All returning teams are GUARANTEED your same day/sport/location through the Prioirty Deadline. Even if you see Waitlist only and you are a returning team from the most recent season, register for Waitlist and we will make sure you get in.


If you cannot register by the Prioirty Deadline, Standard Registration pricing will remain in effect until the start of the program or until it sells out, whichever comes first.

New Facility and League Partners Welcome!

New Facility and League Partners Welcome!

Join the Sports Monster Partnership

Our facility partners love us and so will YOU! Sports Monster has fostered successful partnerships with our facility hosts since 1994, and we welcome new hosts every season. 


If you manage a facility or park that is looking for a highly reliable organization to help you with either the operation of specific sport(s) or to help fill in open times, please contact us either by calling 614.443.0190 or e-mailing You will find us to be up front, organized and running good programs. Plus, we have a 20+ year track record of paying facilities on time and in full! 


If you are a league organizer and looking to get some help with your program, we would like to talk with you. Sports Monster has over 20 years experience with back office operations and support you may be looking for to help either assist, transition, or grow your program. Please contact us either by calling 614.443.0190 or e-mailing

Looking for a Team?

Looking for a Team?

We will get you playing!

New to the area? Don't have enough to form a full team? Or is it just time to get a new set of friends? One of the hallmarks of Sports Monster is that we actively promote individuals to register for leagues as we create entirely new teams from scratch.


Most leagues don't welcome individuals or groups but Sports Monster does! You can sign up solo, with a friend, or as part of a group. We will get you playing 95% of the time. If we cannot get you onto a team, then you will receive a full refund.


There must be a catch, right? Okay, there is. Since you are not signing up as a full team, we require that you provide options of when and where work for you to play. From those options, we are able to place you 95% of the time. As long as you are flexible on when/where you can play, we will get you out on the fields or courts with a whole new group of potential lifelong friends. And if you really can only play on one day/sport/location, then try to rally a full team.