New Website FAQ's

Hi folks - Have had some questions about the new site. Here is what you need to know about


1) OLD LOG-INS DO NOT WORK! If you have an old account on, it did not convert to the new site.


2) HOW DO I LOG IN ON NEW SITE? Unless you are a spring team captain, you will not be able to/need to until you register for summer OR your team captain invites you to join their spring roster.


NOTE: Spring captains - If you do not see yourself online, contact the local office directly. You SHOULD be able to retrieve password and log in. Also, you will need to invite your players to join your roster (no charge) if you want to get that going online.


3) DO I HAVE TO BE ON THE SPRING TEAM ROSTER? No. We are using waivers for rosters to finish out spring. Summer season you will need to be on the team roster.


4) DO I STILL GET A GAME DAY REMINDER E-MAIL? No. Unfortunately the new web company does not have that feature. You can just save the league page and check it out.


5) WHERE IS THE WEATHER BOX? The new site has a Weather Update feature that goes live when we have to tell you about any cancellations changes. Otherwise, assume all games are ON.


5) WHERE IS MY SPRING INFORMATION? Click your sport and then click LEAGUES & TOURNAMENTS. You can further filter by sport if all showing. You will see spring leagues at the top and summer leagues below them. Click Schedule to see upcoming schedule.


NOTE: For leagues heading into playoffs, only playoffs are posted in the Standings link!


5) SUMMER PRICES ARE LOWER/HIGHER THAN SPRING-WHY? We removed the variable pricing of per players on roster and went with AVERAGE roster size by sport. So your team may be paying less, paying more or paying the same as spring. The prices you see for summer are EXACTLY the same as spring except for roster average being built in.


6) WHAT HAPPENED TO CAPTAIN WITH INVITE REGISTRATION OPTION? It is no more. The majority of Invite Captains just wanted their players to pay us directly. With the new team registration, captains can designate how much each player is to pay. Roster size does not matter and the team fee is the team fee. So, larger rosters pay the same as smaller rosters. The player pays the League directly and the captain can track progress online. If you are concerned about putting a full team together, you should sign up as individuals.


7) CAN WE SIGN UP AS INDIVIDUALS AND TELL YOU THAT WE DON'T WANT ANY OTHER PLAYERS ON OUR ROSTER? Yes, if your roster is equal to or exceeding our printed maximum individual team roster size as found in our Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, the League can add players as needed.


8) WHAT IF I ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR SUMMER? Some leagues were posted prior to the conversion. If you do not see your info online, please e-mail or call the local office and we will get you squared away pronto.



As with any website conversion, we expect there to a learning curve as well as some data transfer issues along the way. If you see any standings errors or not listed as captain for your spring team, just let us know via e-mail


Enjoy your season and the new website, and thanks for playing with Sports Monster!