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    Social Monster respects the users' right to privacy. Sports Monsterdoes not collect personal information about its users and sell thatinformation to others.
    1. However, due to the public nature of theInternet, all information should be considered publicly accessible, andimportant or private information should be treated carefully. Wespecifically discourage the use of e-mail to communicate such sensitiveinformation as credit card numbers.

    2. Sports Monster is notliable for protection or privacy of electronic mail or otherinformation transferred though the Internet or any other network thatyou may utilize to contact us.

    3. Until Sports Monster receives secure socket layer capabilities, e-mail to us should not be considered secure.

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    The Sports Monster Web site provides a variety of information aboutSports Monster leagues and policies, all of which is provided "as is."While every effort is made to maintain complete, up-to-date, andaccurate information, the user should be aware that site availabilityand scheduling, weather, and enrollment factors may result in changesthat are not immediately reflected on the web site. Sports Monstermakes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to thesite or its contents. The official source for information about SportsMonster is the Sports Monster main office, and Sports Monster programs,prices, and policies are subject to change without notice here. SportsMonster and its employees are not liable for any damages arising out ofor in connection with the use of this site. This is a comprehensivelimitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind.

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