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What is Sports Monster?

Headquartered in Chicago, Sports Monster Corp is one of the leading companies in the United States that organizes, markets and operates adult recreational sports leagues, tournaments and social events. The Company was founded in 1994 and has had the same ownership since our inception. Sports Monster's focus is to provide well-run leagues, tournaments and events that are enjoyable to our participants. Our leagues start and end on time. We enforce our rules and foster an enjoyable playing environment.

Who can play in Sports Monster?

All Sports Monster leagues are open to the public. Participants must be 19 years or older and in good health. Proof of ID is required. Players may be asked to provide ID at any time during the league/tournament. All participants MUST sign a waiver of liability prior to participation in any league or event. While paid membership is encouraged, it is not mandatory. Free members are charged a minor surcharge per league or event for participation.

What is the average age of participants in Sports Monster?

It varies depending on the city and sport. In general, most participants are between 23 and 35 years old. However, we have a number of participants who are well into their 50's in addition to those just out of high school.

If I am signing up by myself, is that okay?

YES! We actively encourage people to sign up if they don't have a full team. While full teams are great, we understand that a lot of people would like to participate but can't get an entire team together for whatever reason. Every season, there are hundreds of Sports Monsters signing up by themselves or with a friend or two. We create new teams with those individuals and hold into meetings prior to the season so that everyone gets to meet. You can link to your city, go to the sport or activity of interest, and register as an individual. Please keep in mind that individual registration is based on supply and demand. Sports Monster asks that you be flexible about when and where you can play so that you'll have a better opportunity to be placed.

What sports are offered and when?

Leagues are offered based on the season. Sports Monster generally organizes four seasonal leagues per year that range from 6 to 10 weeks in duration. . The following is a listing of sports offered. Actual sports offered in your market may vary: * Basketball * Bowling * Broomball * Floor/Deck Hockey * Football * Golf * Kickball * Soccer * Softball * Tennis * Ultimate Frisbee * Volleyball

Does Sports Monster offer one or two day tournaments?

Yes. Check with your city for any upcoming tournament information.

Does Sports Monster offer classes or clinics?

Yes. Although the selection varies by market and season, Sports Monster organizes clinics, which we call Colleges for individuals. Colleges may be offered at the undergraduate or graduate level. Examples would be:" * Soccer * Volleyball * Tennis In addition, Sports Monster will also offer individual seminars for some non-league activities depending on the market. Examples would be: * Dancing * Fitness Training * Personal Defense

How do I get involved?

To join a league, link to your city and select the sport or activity that you are interested in playing. Upcoming league information will be posted and you can follow the easy on-line registration process or call your local office to get information mailed to you. If we are currently in a season, you may be able to still play by contacting the local office via e-mail or phone to inquire on teams in need of players.

Do I have to sign up for membership?

Yes, we do require that all participants create a personal membership online but it is your option to either sign up for a FREE membership or pay $19.95 for an annual paid membership. When you sign up to participate in a league - or accept an invitation to join a team, you will create your profile at that time. While the paid membership is great if you are playing a number of sports throughout the year and would enjoy full access to Social Monster and Matching Monster, but signing up for a basic FREE membership will provide you with site access as well as your own member dashboard to track your leagues, friends and teams.

How do I find leagues to play?

You can do a search from the left menu or you can pick your city, let the page load, then pick sport of interest and then click UPCOMING PROGRAMS. When you see the list of available leagues, you can click any league(s) of interest and there will be a pop-up box of info and pricing available. If you still have questions, click the CONTACT US prompt at the top of the page and give us a call or e-mail.

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